BKC - The Beginning...

It all began in 2013 when the vision and concept of Big Kid Clothing (BKC) first came about. Our team persists of a friendship/partnership, Janelyn Erni and Ceej Luciano; we wanted to express our passion through fashion.

We had a dream to design a unique product that illustrates our individuality and our lifestyle philosophy, which we could then share with you.

Our initial concept was to produce sample items to share our vision and ideas to the street- culture through social media. We never anticipated on selling, which is why we have a limited number of each item.

After receiving so much interest from people on where these items could be purchased, we decided to give you the opportunity to live and support our philosophy with us... this is when we decided we wanted to start production.

As we know life isn’t always smooth sailing and due to a personal situation in 2013, meant our dream of sharing BKC with you needed to put on hold.

Three (3) years later and as 2015 approached, the timing started to feel right again. Even though 3 years had passed, our vision was never forgotten.

Having reviewed the foundations we had already laid out for BKC, the ideas, our vision, the blank spaces that were ready to be filled; it felt that the timing was right to continue what was started. We knew that 2015 was the year that we would finally get to share BKC with You!

The Team at BKC is grateful to have met the right people in our lives at the right time, which made production for BKC a whole lot easier. 

The prices may seem a bit out of wack, seeing as BKC literally just went live. However, what you, as the consumer should understand is that the price of the products is not solely based on the quality, you are also supporting the message and the culture it represents (About us).

This release was our initial vision from 3 years ago and will not be released again. Our next focal point will be to grow and expand our ideas and designs through street-culture (always pushing the limits of any set idea whether that’s fashion, art, design, music or sport. It is the creative forces in the city) and continue sharing with you what BKC stands for... which is to BE YOU! 












Photographer: Ambrose Yi Wang www.ambroselikethis.com

Production by: Streetlevelsyd - Cameron Haughey

Location: St Peters, Sydney, Australia

Posted on 24.03.15 

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