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Robots, bullets, guitar smashing, panty shots, eye brows, curry, diarrhea, head boners, vagina boxing for those of you who haven’t seen the anime series are probably thinking what the hell! This has got to be one of the most random amines ever made, so random it’s almost impossible to summaries, but I’ll take a stab at it. FLCL is an exceedingly stylised, creative, creepy, unique, weird but enjoyable old school animation centered around a 12 year old boy named Naota.   In the series, Naota represents your average coming-of-age kid who is always in constant battles with the pressures of growing up. There are a lot of references to this all thorough the series i.e his distaste for bitter drinks being one significant reference. He lives with his father and grandfather, and has a strange friendship with his older-brothers' girlfriend,

Mamimi  who tries to find comfort in Naota after his brother moves to America to play baseball. Naota generally finds life boring in his town with nothing out of the ordinary ever happening. This dull life changes when randomly, a pink-haired girl named

Haruko  shows up on a moped, plows right into Naota. With the entrance of Haruko into Naota's life, everything; not just his surroundings, but everything else around the entire city seems to become even weirder. Haruko apparently has some strange obsession with Naota, one that requires the occasional beating with a guitar – But this isn’t the craziest part! In the first episode, a TV-headed robot known as

Canti  sprouts out of an anxiety-fueled horn that grows on Naota's head. After a mind-blowing battle, this robot comes to live with Naota and does his laundry. These are the things that happen every day in the world of FLCL.


What makes this anime one of the most artistically perfect pieces of work ever made are the references. One of my favorite and most memorable references is the “Never knows best” cigarette. Director Kazuya Tsurumaki quoted saying, “There’s a best way, and not everyone can follow it. No one knows the best. I thought it reflected Mamimi’s belief that there’s no future. That it had a nuance that said she’s given up on life.” In essence I think what he’s saying is that no one really knows what the best option is in life so in a sense never knows best. It’s kinda morbid but beautiful at the same time. That’s what made this series so remarkable. Kazuya Tsurumaki took everything that he thought was cool shoved it into one anime and gave it purpose. What at first glance seems random and pointless, look a little closer and you’ll see the beauty of this anime.


FLCL is what inspired me with this collection. As a business owner it’s a struggle. Some days thinking where will I be years down the track? Where will BKC be? And yes some days it gets so hard that I just want to throw the towel in. The only thing that keeps me going and gets me up everyday to keep doing what I’m doing is the idea that I’m able to give to the world a piece of my mind and creation. Like Kazuya Tsurumaki I want to take everything I think is cool and implementing it into my passion and give my brand a purpose.




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